Truth is real.

Several months ago I left a temporary city position and returned to education. I have a passion for teaching, learning and inspiring others. Still I had doubts, questions.
Did I really want to deal with bureaucratic hassles? Mentally dead school administrators?Disturbed children and equally disturbed parents?An undisciplined staff?
This was my back and forth for a hot minute.
Then I checked myself. Keeping it real, I had to admit I'd gotten lazy on the city’s dime.
So my decision to become director of an after school program was obvious. It's where I belong.
A man becomes great when he decides to live his truth.
Many of us were raised to be passive, soft boys and weak males.
We were not encouraged to be men, but feminized and made dependent.
We thought if we followed society's plan, everything would simply work out. By some miracle our needs would be met, a utopia awaited. Smugly we imagined ourselves special, privileged and important.
We had it made.
Or so we thought, until it all came crashing down; hardcore realities snapping at our heels then devouring us.
We went for the big fake-out. Suckers for the dream, we had no plan B. Everything appeared easy enough, until that gnawing in our nervous system grew more and more nerve-racking. Even when we worked like good soldiers to provide, that wasn’t enough to keep the missus from roaming. Or did too many hours of overtime to remember and money still came up short every month for bills.
The dream was a nightmare. We were stuck.
Change hurts. Get ready.
You can’t be your same old dependent self and expect positive change in your life. Don’t play yourself. This game is too big for you, eats your kind everyday.
I know you want something different – that’s why you’re reading this blog, right?
Make positive change your mantra. You must believe in yourself above all else. Always work to do better. Kick that negative voice inside your head in the ass. Learn from everything, wins and losses.
Rebuild yourself into a powerful man, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, action by action. Don’t let anything turn you around. Be powerful, the person you envision yourself to be.
Hold that image, meditate on it. Let’s go deeper:
•    Positive thoughts
•    Believe in yourself
•    Create your ideal reality
•    Live your dreams
•    Eat a low carb high protein diet
•    Exercise (weights, martial arts)
•    Meditation
•    Rest
This is your start. Make success a habit. Build each day until you become an unstoppable force. Let your destiny shine!